Simple Washer Repair Tips

When your washing machine has broken down and you are unsure what’s wrong with it, then look no further. We, from Ericksen Appliance Repair, specialize in washer repair. However, before you pick up the phone, carry on reading our troubleshooting tips, which could help you determine why your washer will not drain or agitate your clothes. Below, we have listed some steps for you to follow, which could help you repair your washers problems.

The drain pump on a washer is there to pump the water out of your machine before and during its spin cycle. This pump could be belt or motor driven or come with its own electric motor. Any strange noise which is coming from your washer during or after its spin cycle is an indicator that your drain pump is restricted or is defective.

First, remove the front panel to find your washer’s pump and operate the washer to check if this is the actual source of the noise. However, make sure you are careful as you have exposed moving parts and electrical circuits. Once you have confirmed the noise is indeed coming from your washer’s pump, then switch your washer off from the mains and remove the inlet hose to your pump. Make sure to have a container ready to catch all the excess water from the hose and pump. Check the pump impeller for any foreign objects which could be causing the noise.

Turn the impeller to see if it is seized or worn. Front load washers sometimes come with self-contained electric drain pumps and the motor could have become worn or damaged, which means the entire pump will have to be replaced. If you see any foreign objects or if the pump is worn or damaged, then tighten up the hose clamps and check for any leaks before installing the front panel again.

If you are having issues with your machine and need a reliable washer repair service, call Ericksen Appliance Repair at (720) 301-2623 today. We are in Commerce City, CO.