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Choosing the Right Refrigerator Repair Service for Your Needs

Your fridge makes strange noises? Your food doesn’t cool down to the required temperatures? Do not hurry to throw away your refrigerator! We, at Ericksen Appliance Repair, will assist you with all fridge troubles you may have. We offer a professional refrigerator repair service to homeowners in Commerce City, CO and the surrounding areas and are available 24/7 for emergencies!


Nowadays, we can hardly imagine living without a fridge or a freezer at home. Especially if you live in an area with high temperatures all year round, having a food cooling device is an absolute must. Fridges not only keep our food at a low temperature to prevent its spoiling but they can also freeze it for a longer period. If you want to guarantee your family that the food you place on the table is healthy and fresh, do not postpone any repairs, especially if you spot your fridge operates inefficiently. Keep reading to find out what are the benefits of turning to a refrigerator repair service.



If your fridge has some sort of problem, a professional technician can come to your home and have the issue examined and fixed on-site. They would normally come fully equipped with the necessary tools and spare parts. This is especially helpful when it comes to such a big and heavy appliance as a refrigerator.


Saving money

Instead of replacing your faulty fridge with a new one, you can ask an expert to check it and determine the problem. After troubleshooting it, they might find out that there is still hope for the appliance to be saved. In most cases, the repairs needed are minor and cost a small fraction of the price you would pay for a brand new item.


Minimal downtime

If you turn to a refrigerator repair expert as soon as you notice a problem, this will most likely guarantee you a repair success. When addressed on time, most issues can be easily and quickly solved. It will also spare you the inconvenience of living without your fridge for days or weeks, in case the issue has deepened and needs a more complex fix.


Increased longevity

Sometimes, simply replacing a faulty component can make your refrigerator operate as good as new. It can even start working much better, especially if you maintain the appliance properly in the future. This will not only make it easy on your budget by avoiding another expensive purchase but will also contribute to a cleaner environment. Saving yet another appliance from the landfill is the ultimate “think green” approach!


If you need more information on the repair services we provide, or you want to book a member of Ericksen Appliance Repair’s team for an on-site consultation in Commerce City, CO, contact us today at (720) 301-2623!


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